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The new mido replica timepiece is a very popular model that offers a second zone time function. This is a feature that many world travelers find useful. The new watch is a classic-inspired timepiece with a clear and simple dial, which is easy to read. It is also equipped with GP03300-0194 caliber.

This newcomer has a self-winding movement that offers functions such as hours, minutes and central seconds. It also includes a second time zone, if desired, along with a date. The Swiss automatic movement has 27 jewels, and a beating rate of 28800 vibrations per minute (4 Hz). The mechanism has enough power to keep the clock ticking for 46 hours.mido replica The individual movement parts are decorated with elegance and simplicity. They can be seen in the sapphire back of the case, which shows the inner beauty and complexity of the mechanism.

mido replica has two different versions of its new Dual Time Watch 1966: anthracite grey and off-white. The first (ref. The first one (ref. The 49544-52-231 BB60 features a black strap. Both wristlets feature pink gold pin clasps.

The case of the new mido replica measures 40mm and is made from pink gold. The case lugs are designed to follow the contours of the wrist, adding comfort and a modern design. The case is protected with sapphire anti-reflective crystals. Water resistance is guaranteed down to 30 meters.

A bevelled and polished bezel surrounds the front sapphire glass.Patek Philippe Replica Watches The slightly convex sapphire crystal covers a dial with baton hour markers and a "railroad-style" minute track. The local time is shown by two hands in the form of leaves, while the red hour hand (the dual-time zone) is moved over the central disk, which has an embossed satin finish and graduated over 24hours. Dual time is designed to be easy to use and has two pushbuttons that are perfectly proportioned for the crown. A date counter is also included on the dial at 6 o'clock.

The dial's overall appearance is striking and the textural effects and construction on multiple levels are what make it so special. The watch is easy to read thanks to this visually strong structure.