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omega replica's new Chamber of Wonders Collection consists of three different models, each representing a different perspective and era. The next model after the Pearl of Wonders is the Terrestrial map.

omega replica chose the work of Matteo Ricci who was inspired by an old Chinese map. This priest participated in the missions of his congregation in Asia. This Italian philosopher, theologian, astronomer, and cosmologist, who arrived in Macao, in 1582, spent the rest his life in China, where he shared with Chinese scholars and officials his knowledge.

Ricci was the very first Westerner to be allowed inside the Forbidden city walls.omega replica His objective was to spread Christianity in the Middle Kingdom. However, he was admitted to the Forbidden city in 1601 not because of his religious beliefs but due to his scientific knowledge. The Italian missionary repositioned China as the starting place for the global geography knowledge he shared with his Chinese hosts during the Ming Dynasty.

This globe has already shown the five continents. Libya was Africa and the Austral Earth, Australia. This map is a masterpiece of astronomical and geographical precision. Four oceans are shown on the map, with the Nile River as the largest river. The Earth is also round. Variations in the length of the day and night, as well as the distances between Earth and certain planets, are all listed.

The dial for the Terrestrial map is made from white jade with translucent veins that give the impression of depth. Each dial is made from one block of the stone. After manual polishing the disk reaches an ideal thickness of 0.70mm. Then, it's time to have an experienced miniature artist and his meticulous workmanship finish the job.IWC Portofino Replica This process took 17 hours, which included the use of natural India Ink mixed with special binder.

The 40mm case is made of 18-karat rose gold. The watch has a water resistance of up to 30 meters and is equipped with Girard Perregaux mechanical movements GP03300, which offer 46 hours power reserve.

The Terrestrial Map is a limited edition of only 18 pieces. It comes with an elegant black alligator leather strap with stitches, fitted with a pink gold pin buckle. The 49534-52-R05BB60 is only available in 18 limited edition pieces. It comes with a black alligator strap with stitching and a pink-gold pin buckle.